Psalm 138

To the beloved,

I thank you with all my heart,

I sing to you among Divine beings.

I bow down in your holy places and give thanks.

I give thanks for all the ways you manifest,

I give thanks for your love and your truth, for the ways your presence expands and unfolds.

In the moment I call out, You answer me. You inspire my soul with strength.

All the leaders of the earth will thank you.

One day, when your word awakens in every heart, we will sing of the paths

Of the Mystery.

Great and glorified is the Sacred Presence.

God’s perspective is vast and high: a knowing from close and far.

Even as I walk in the midst of distress you enliven me.

You send forth your hand.

Your hand holds and delivers me.

You help me fulfill my purpose.

You do not forsake the works of your hands.

Your love is forever.