Psalm 25

To you, Source of All, I lift my soul.

In You I trust.

May I not be besieged by torment or shame.

May I know the paths to travel.

May I learn the ways of the Infinite.

Guide me in truth and teach me expansive awareness.

Let me remember that compassion, love and kindness are forever.


Let me not get stuck in past mistakes, wrongdoings and hurts.

Let me instead remember kindness and love.


The paths toward connection are love and truth.

Forgiveness shows us the way.

Awe helps us see which roads to choose,

Making known secrets of the Unfolding.


May I always return my eyes to the Mystery,

To release my feet from their traps.


Turn to me, Source of All,

Be gracious toward me.


I feel alone and afflicted.

The distress of my heart has expanded.

Bring me out of this anguish and pain.

See my struggles and sorrows and lift these burdens from my soul.


Guard and protect me from shame.

I seek refuge in You.


May integrity, honor and intention

Guide my actions.

Toward You I hope.