Laughter on Purim

Purim is coming, and as we ready ourselves for the holiday that will arrive on Saturday night, we read from the book of Exodus this week one of the most essential sections of the Holy Torah. For it is in this portion that we learn what a fashion-conscious priest should wear when stepping forward to serve the One.

As described in the Torah, the early priests wore bold, elaborate outfits that said clearly, "I am here." Flowing robes with huge shoulder pads were adorned with crimson, gold, blue and purple yarns. A large headdress allowed for a bad hair day to pass unnoticed and small silver bells edging the bottom of the robes made even the dullest priest into something exciting.

And when it came to accessorizing, they were never at a loss. Large pendant necklaces were popular--with twelve stones of various colors, textures and hues. These pendants were heavy but worth the neck strain they produced.

It is imperative that we study these early fashion statements to best determine what our rabbis of today should be wearing.

Simple or elaborate?

Crimson or gold?

And what about those bells? Should we be thinking something a bit more bold?

Let us breathe in deeply the wisdom of this week’s parsha:

Fashion Is Everything And We Are What We Wear.

May Purim remind us to laugh at ourselves with appreciation and love.

Much blessing to all.