Everything Can Be Turned Around

A mighty ruach—a powerful wind and spirit—soars through the month of Adar, bringing seeds of transformation. Sometimes this wind comes as a soft breeze. Other times it arrives with a force that shatters.

Many of us are feeling shaken to our core by all that is occurring in our country.

Many of us are experiencing mixtures of rage, despair, uncertainty and fear.

Purim teaches that transformation is possible. Everything can be turned around.

It takes courage and trust.

It takes a willingness to hold things lightly even as we act with passion and care.

And it takes the commitment to seek out and reveal the hidden potential in ourselves and others.

As we journey through this month, may we be gentle with each other’s vulnerabilities and fears.

And may we call forth each other’s strengths and our capacities to act with a power we have not yet known.