Korach *

In the midst of the wilderness,

In the time of wandering,

Korach stepped forward and grasped for power.

Feigning communal concern

He attempted to seize control

And hold it for himself.

And as a result,

The earth opened up,

And swallowed him and his family

And deep within the ground,

Below the shifting sands,

They lived, listened and grew.

And they discovered truths the earth has to teach:

            All life is interdependent.

            Our connection and need of each other makes us whole.

            Cooperation is the only way forward and

Honoring each other shows us the way.


Now the children of Korach sing:

Love and truth meet,

Peace and Justice embrace.

Truth springs forth from the earth.

-- Psalm 85:11-12


Fulfilled are those who know that

In each moment they dwell

Within the Sacred Presence

And in every moment

The Sacred Presence dwells within them.

-- Psalm 84:5


The One of all Possibilities is with us.

-- Psalm 46:12


Singing and dancing, we declare

All life springs forth from the One.

-- Psalm 87:7


Shabbat Shalom to all.


* Twelve of the psalms are known as the songs of the children of Korach.