Rosh Chodesh Message: Welcoming the month of Tammuz

The new month of Tammuz arrives this Shabbat and Sunday.

The mystics teach that during this month we seek to “rectify our eyesight.”

The tradition reminds us that often times our perceptions are clouded by our fears, anxieties and expectations. The month of Tammuz calls us to clear our vision by practicing seeing in a particular way.

During this month we practice:


Seeing the brachot—the blessings that fill our lives.

Seeing the tov—the goodness in ourselves and others.

Seeing the chayyim—the life force that fills all creation.


By perceiving the blessings, the good, the life, we experience bitachon, bonds of trust, that guide us in seeing clearly and acting wisely.

As the new month begins, let us set intentions to lift our eyes and expand our perspectives so our words and actions are directed toward the wellbeing of each other and the planet.

-- Rabbi Yael Levy