A Different Path

This first week of 2018, we begin the book of Exodus. 

As the story opens, we witness a bold act of civil disobedience by the midwives Shifra and Puah who, defying the Pharaoh’s orders, save Hebrew infants from death.

We then watch as a shepherd tending his flocks in the desert notices a bush that appears filled with flames. He looks long enough to see that, although the bush is burning, it isn’t being consumed. He makes a decision to veer from his intended path and continue to gaze at this amazing sight. In his turning, he hears a voice call from within the fire, “Moshe, Moshe.”

His response: “Hineni. Here I am.”

As we enter 2018, may we find:

·     The courage to defy oppressive leaders, immoral demands.

·      The willingness to see beyond our habits and expectations and turn aside from our expected paths.

·      The discernment to hear ourselves being called.

·      The humility and strength to respond, Hineni, Here I am, willing and able to be of service.

May these foundation stones of our tradition inspire our journey into 2018.

May it be a year of mending and healing, a year of strength and courage, a year of devotion and love. Let us rise together for the well-being of each other, our country and the planet.

-- Rabbi Yael Levy