Video: Month of Heshvan

"I choose a path of faith, and I place practices before me to guide my way." --Psalm 119:30

In the Hebrew month of Heshvan, there are no holidays, and this creates a great opportunity. It is a spacious time be aware that we are entering a new cycle and a new year. It is a time to set new intentions. Here Rabbi Yael offers a simple practice for this month.

Each Hebrew month provides us with teachings and practices that continue to guide us in living with awareness, gratitude and relationship.

With this in mind, A Way In offer a series called Yishrei Lev - Directing the Heart through the Rhythms of Jewish Time. In this series, videos explore how the spiritual qualities of each Hebrew month can direct our awareness, guide our practices and inspire our actions. Each month is introduced by a short video providing its unique teaching. This will focus our practices for the days ahead.

This video is the fifth of the series, as we come to the beginning of the month of Heshvan.