Be Willing to Leave What You Know

Dear Friends,

This weeks Torah portion, lech lecha, opens with a call:


Be willing to leave what you know.

Be willing to leave who you have been.

Take your strength, your support and what inspires your love.

Leave behind the expectations that have constricted your life.

The way forward is unclear,

But as you take your steps, the path will appear.

And the goal of this journey?

The reason to leap,

To struggle, to let go, to risk?

The reason to rise and fall

And rise again and again?

Is to be a blessing.

To discover anew the good that we are.

To discover anew

The shape of our blessings

And the ways the Divine can come though us into the world.

Go deep,

Reach high,

Because the way we live matters,

Not just to us

But to all those who will call us ancestor.

The path awaits our willingness.

The world awaits our blessings.


Rabbi Yael Levy

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