The Mystery Appears

We sit at the opening of each new day,
And we don’t know who or what will appear.

Some guests,
Some experiences and encounters,
Of course, are welcome,
Others we hope will never arrive.
And yet,
This is it.
Even as we plan, act, hope and pray,
Life will unfold as it will.
Our ancestors bestow this wisdom:
Sit at the openings
With wonder and curiosity.
Be interested in who or what will appear.
As fear or judgment arises
Acknowledge these thoughts and let them pass,
Like clouds in the blue sky.
Lift your eyes and
Watch for messengers,
Guides on the journey.
They are plentiful
And come in many guises.
There is no stopping the flow of time
And no way to avoid challenges, difficulty and pain.
Embrace joys,
Give thanks for blessings,
Engage in acts of acts of generosity,
Seek justice.
And sit.
Take time to notice, to listen.
Move slowly.
Pause often.
This will help us meet whatever arrives
With discernment, dignity and strength.

 --Rabbi Yael Levy
16 Heshvan 5779