A Message from Rabbi Yael

Dear Friends,

It is very hard to know what to say after the horrific violence this Shabbat.

Like many of you I am heartbroken and enraged. I am searching for how to hold all of this and for what to do.

The hatred and fear that has been unleashed and encouraged in this country has got to be stopped.  I can feel hatred and rage growing in myself.
It is so important to reach out to each other, to gather and connect.

It is so important to do our best to be kind, generous and loving even as we are  besieged by hatred and fear.
Let’s call our elected representatives and make a big noise.
Let’s do what we can do to get voters to the polls.
And let us be steadfast and true to our values, ideals and visions.
May our hearts be strong and filled with courage, May the Infinite come through our words and actions.    
-- Psalm 31:25

Much love,

Rabbi Yael Levy


20 Heshvan 5779

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