New Beginnings

Beresheet bara elohim et ha’shamayim v’et ha’aretz
In the beginning openings were created so the Divine Presence could be perceived in all.

One day by the river
I walked down to the beach to say my morning prayers.
Sunlight was streaking through the trees
And the water was calm.
The day shone in beauty and I lifted my camera
So I would remember
The rays of light and the dance of the falling leaves.
I took three steps forward into prayer
And lifted my eyes once again
And there in the tree
In the branch I had been admiring
Was an eagle.
An eagle
Sitting tall and sure.
I shook my head and laughed
The eagle was there, and I, I did not see it.
My prayers that morning were phrases of awe and delight.
The eagle was there and I, even looking,
Even photographing the branch where she sat,
Did not see.
The eagle took flight as I stood there
The wings spanned the sky.
And so what does this say to me about beginnings,
About openings,
About prayer?
We don’t really know anything for sure
And the unexpected will happen
Again and again.
As we continue to step toward new beginnings
May we walk with care and devotion.
May we remember to pause and lift our eyes
And may we be there for and with each other as the leaves fall and the
Season continues to surprise and turn us all.

--Rabbi Yael Levy