Sukkot 5779

From the heights of Yom Kippur we land in Sukkot, the festival of the Earth’s bounty. Sukkot calls us to take all we gathered from our journeys through Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur and plant it in the ground. During Sukkot we allow the wisdom our souls have received to guide us in setting intentions. We take time during this festival to stand on the Earth—give thanks and ask for the Earth’s blessing as we move into this New Year. Shaking the lulav and etrog guide us in this ritual. And if we don’t have them we can still experience this offering. We stand on the Earth and bow in the 4 directions, lift our arms to the sky and touch the Earth giving thanks and ask for guidance.

Download a printable PDF with intentions from Rabbi Yael for this practice.

May this season be a time of joyful gathering that nourishes the heart and sends our roots deep and wide for the benefit and well-being of the Earth and all her creatures.

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