5779 Chanukah Day 2 — Sitting in the Light of Brachot — Blessings

Sitting in the Light of Brachot — Blessings

The world is broken and blessings abound. Life is filled with treasures.

Beauty, loving relationships, joyful moments, music, poetry and delights flow through creation. Noticing the blessings and allowing ourselves to experience the good strengthens us, sustains us, and opens us to joy. On this second day of Chanukah we sit in the light of blessings, not to deny what is difficult, but rather to be energized and held by the beauty of creation.

Meditation for the 2nd day of Chanukah

We take our seats, settling into an awake and upright posture. We bring our attention to the breath, noticing its shape and sensations as it moves through out the body. To guide our concentration, we might see the breath as a color, one that might change or stay the same as it comes into the body and flows back out into the world.

After a short while, we set an intention to receive each breath as a blessing and a gift, and we say to ourselves:

This breath is a gift, filled with blessings and life.

Following the breath as it moves through the body we continue to repeat:

This breath is a gift, filled with blessings and life.

Each time we notice the attention has wandered, we give thanks for noticing, kindly tell ourselves we do not need to give our attention to these thoughts right now and return the attention to the breath, repeating the phrase:

This breath is a gift, filled with blessings and life.

As we close the sit we offer gratitude for the gifts of life and set an intention to notice the blessings that flow through the day.

Rabbi Yael Levy

26 Kislev 5779

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