5779 Chanukah Day 3 - Sitting in the Light of Chesed

Lifting up the Lights: A Rededication to the Sacred

Chanukah Day 3

Sitting in the light of Chesed — Generous, Loving Kindness

The psalmist calls, The Universe, through all time and space, is built on loving-kindness. (Psalm 89:3)

Sometimes the love that weaves creation is easily perceived and we celebrate and give thanks for the abundant generosity and goodness that arises.

Other times, as we experience and witness tragedy, injustice and horrors, it can feel impossible to acknowledge that love flows through all. On this third day of Chanukah we sit with chesed, abundant love, generosity and kindness, no matter where we are or what we are experiencing. We remind ourselves that we don’t have to create the love; we don’t even have to believe in it. This day invites us to hear the psalmist sing, The world is built on loving kindness, and let this song embrace and hold us.

Meditation for the 3rd day of Chanukah: Sitting in the light of Chesed Generous, Loving Kindness

Taking our seats, we set an intention to sit held by chesed, abundant love, generosity and kindness. Letting the attention rest on the breath, we open to the flow of chesed. With each breath we imagine chesed softly and gently flowing through us. With each breath, we feel chesed moving though the body, filling us and coming through us with grace and ease.  Each time we notice the mind wandering, or challenging or belittling this intention, we breathe chesed into the arising thought and return to the breath.

At the close of the sit we say the phrase of the psalmist:

The world is build on loving kindness and we affirm that chesed comes through and lifts us all.

Rabbi Yael Levy
27 Kislev 5779

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