Returning to the Essence


As the book of Exodus draws to a close,

The work of the Miskhan,

The sacred dwelling,

Is complete.

The Mishkan is placed

At the center of the community

And the Kavod Hashem,

the Glory of the Infinite,

is experienced by all.


The Glory calls:

     Practice stillness.

     Pause. Stop. Be.

     This will keep the soul alive and supple.

     Practice discernment.

           Acknowledge confusion and clarity.

           Watch them both arise and pass.

           Be open to guidance.

       There will always be signs helping you find your way.

           Keep returning to the sacred.

           Keep returning to the essence of all you treasure and love.

For life will continue to challenge and surprise you

And ask of you all you can possibly give.

--Rabbi Yael Levy