Shevat 5779 — The Ten Utterances

In this week’s Torah portion, Yitro, we stand at Mt. Sinai and amid thunder, lightening and a mountain filled with flames, we listen as the One speaks to our hearts. Here is an interpretive translation of the Ten Utterances from Rabbi Yael Levy.

In the abiding silence, we can hear the Mystery call:

1.     I am, I was, I will be.  I am the unfolding of all that is. I am constant transformation calling you forward to be.

2.     Do not give yourself over to false gods. Do not seek to arrest me in motion or create me with your own hands. Be with uncertainty. Allow mystery.

3.    Do not use a Divine name to make false promises. Do not use sacred teachings to lift up a destructive path.

4.   Rest, Stop, Pause. Be. Honor creation. Declare your freedom. Rest and allow others to rest as well.

5.   Honor your parents. Honor your ancestors. Honor those upon whose shoulders you stand.

6.   Do not murder.

7.   Do not betray.

8.   Do not steal.

9.   Do not use the power of words to hurt or destroy.

10.   Feel the fullness of your life.   Don’t be led astray by comparing yourself to others. Don’t get lost in desiring what others have. Be content, be fulfilled with what your life brings.                                                                                                         —Exodus 20:1-14

—Rabbi Yael Levy 

18 Shevat 5779