18 Shevat 5779 —Listening Deeply into the Heart of All Things

The Mystery reveals itself.

            A desert morning.

                        The Earth shakes,

                        Lightening roars,

                        Thunder flashes,

            The mountain breathes fire.

A shofar calls shattering everything that has been known, assumed, understood.

                        “I”, “we”, “you”, “us” disappear.

                                    There is only One.      

                                         Only One.  

Then the wind returns, a bird flies, the mountain settles back into itself

            And the soul is stirred awake.

The One is revealed through distinction, through differentiation, through the unique and continual unfolding of all life. This the soul knows absolutely.

And the soul makes a promise.

Shema, veahafta. I will listen. I will listen deeply into the heart of all things.

 I will listen and return again and again to the One.

I will listen and practice responding to the continual unfolding with love.

Away In