Shevat Week 4 — Coming Down from the Mountain

After the thunder, the lightning, the fire and smoke of Mt. Sinai—

After the experience of the Infinite filling us with light and love—

            How do we live?

            How do we stay mindful of the Divine,

            Aware of the sacred, the miraculous, within the busyness of everyday?

Our ancestors created rules to live by,

Statutes that would guide them and keep them on the path.

They drew boundaries around actions and relationships.

Through this they hoped that all of life would be in the service of the sacred.

See me in the everyday, the Mystery calls.

Yes, I will be in the thunder, in the lightning, in the spectacular moments of sensation, awareness and experience.

Look for me everywhere.

Take on mitzvot—practices—so you will feel me.

I am wherever you notice me.

See me, celebrate and live.

Rabbi Yael Levy