Nisan Week 2: Looking Toward Passover

Each Season has its call,

Each Festival its light

That shines from the depths

Of the mystery.

And each season is meant to awaken us

And shake us to our core,

So we rise again and again

Reconnected and

Recommitted to this sacred and fragile life.

It is almost Pesach, the Festival of Liberation, and

The Mystery calls:

            It is time to leave the narrow places,

            To leave what keeps you small and afraid,

            It is time to leave what holds you back,

            It is time to stop serving what is no longer true.

            I will take you out,

            I will deliver you,

            I will call you present,

            I will bring you into relationship with the Unfolding of All Life.

And you will know absolutely that you are here in relationship with

Every rock, tree, bird and stream,            

Every blade of grass, every animal,

Every person that ever was or will be.

And you will know that you serve this Mysterious Infinite Unfolding

With every word and deed.

            Come out into the expanse—blossom and be.

The soul expands and constricts,

So much is unknown, fragile and frightening.

            We harden our hearts.

            We resolve to stay in the narrow places.

And the Mystery calls:

I take you out into the expanse, I deliver You, because I desire You. (Psalm 18:20)

I desire you, God calls. I desire you.

There is no making rational sense of this journey through life,

There is no guarantee of fairness

Or predictable way it will go.

There is though,

            The Mysterious Life Force that flows through all.

            There is the movement of the seasons

            And the calls to our souls.

                        And there are stories to tell,

                        Experiences to share,

                                    Beauty to celebrate.

And there is each of us

All of us—

                        God’s desire.

So, may we love.

And may we practice meeting life,

            Whatever it brings,

With compassion, kindness,


            And love.

This, God assures us, is why we being taken out.

This, God makes clear,

                        Is why we are here.           

Rabbi Yael Levy
6 Nisan 5779