Nisan Week 3: Passover—Festival of Liberation

As we enter into Pesach, the Festival of Liberation, may we soften our hearts,

lift our eyes and recognize each other in ourselves.

May we release all that has kept us bound.

May we know our connection with all life.

And as we listen to the cries for freedom that sound throughout the world, may we hear them as our own.

May Pesach release us all into the expanse of love, healing, understanding and peace.

Chag sameach—Blessings of renewal and relationship to all.

A Few Words about Matzah

When we begin the Seder the matzah is lechem oni—the bread of affliction.

By the middle of the Seder the matzah becomes the afikomen—the dessert—what we seek, what we long for.

The transformation starts as we lift up the three matzot, break the middle matzah and call,

“This is the bread of affliction that our ancestors ate in the land of Egypt.

Let all who are hungry come and eat.”

As we acknowledge the suffering and brokenness that exists in ourselves and the world and feel the call to relationship and connection, the matzah goes from being the bread of affliction to being the bread of possibility, action and faith.

Rabbi Yael Levy 

14 Nisan 5779