How to Count the Omer Pt. 3: How to Count

• Find a place to stand where you won’t be disturbed for a few moments.

• Take a soft, deep breath and begin with the introductory prayer.

Say the blessing for counting, then take another very conscious breath. Count the day (and week) of the Omer according to the instructions.

• Take a moment to name the spiritual quality of the week (to be posted once a week on Tuesdays). With gentleness and discipline, commit yourself to notice how this quality will unfold within and around you as you go through the next 24 hours.

Say the closing prayer.

• On some nights, you might find you do not have the time for the whole practice. In that case, say the prayer for counting and count the day.

• Practices are strengthened through repetition and routine. Counting in the same location and around the same time each evening can help sustain your practice.