How to Count the Omer Pt. 4: Working with the Daily and Weekly Spiritual Qualities

Each of the seven weeks and each of the 49 days has its own spiritual quality. At the beginning of each week, there are intentions and suggestions for practices to help focus your attention.

There is a teaching for each day, highlighting that day’s unique combination of qualities along with a teaching and a prayer.

• Notice what each day brings. Notice your responses and insights to the qualities and how they feel in your body. Certain days or weeks might bring up difficult emotions. The practice is to be with them as best you can.

• You might want to make a note of days or weeks that are particularly difficult or joyful to see if you can discern a pattern that could be helpful to your self-understanding.

• Be gentle with yourself as you take this journey. It is a powerful practice that works on many layers of consciousness and awareness. The mystics teach that our counting brings forth blessing and healing for all the world.

Ken yihi ratzon. May it be so.