Four Candles: Shabbat Rest

In Rededication, a series for Chanukah by Rabbi Yael Levy, we are invited to notice the blessings and lift up the good.

Here is tonight’s teaching:

Four Candles: Shabbat Rest

As we light the Chanukah candles, and then the Shabbat flames, we rededicate ourselves to gifts of Shabbat. Shabbat calls us to stop, to rest and remember that pausing and resting are sacred practices that bring us into deeper and more expansive relationship with ourselves, each other and the Mysterious Unfolding of Life.

We invite our Shabbat rest to inspire wonder, awe and appreciation and, as the candles burn, we name something good we have noticed or experienced this past week.  

On the seventh day we rest and refresh our souls.  Exodus 31:17

Practice: Unplug

Let us consider “unplugging” for some of Shabbat. Let us invite the experience of not engaging with email or the Internet and seeing what it feels like to not use our computers during this day.

Let us notice and experience moments of beauty and connection.  Let us look at the world with wonder and amazement and give thanks for the food we eat, the beauty we behold and the people we encounter.

Let us also invite ourselves to rest and nap.

-- Rabbi Yael Levy


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