Five Candles: Honoring Our Own Gifts

In Rededication, a series for Chanukah by Rabbi Yael Levy, we are invited to notice the blessings and lift up the good.

Here is tonight’s teaching:

Five Candles: Honoring Our Own Gifts
As we enter the fifth day of Chanukah, we rededicate ourselves to acknowledging that the Sacred Presence shines in every being. There are some people whose light shines so brightly—and there are others whose actions make it impossible to see even a sliver of goodness in them. On this fifth night of Chanukah, we honor the lights we each offer to the world. And we honor our own lights: the talents and gifts we bring through the uniqueness of who we are.

It is sometimes challenging to acknowledge our own gifts and blessings. In the light of the Chanukah candles, we remind ourselves that the world needs our light.

The world is made whole as we each offer what is ours to give.

As we light the flames, we name aloud some of the gifts we offer and set an intention that, as the candles burn, they clear away anything that is in the way of our light shining through.

Yes, I will offer blessings with my life,

To all that is I lift my hands. 

—Psalm 63:5

Practice: Feeling the Light
Taking our seats and bringing ourselves to an upright and awake posture, we let the attention rest on the breath. After a few moments, we set an intention to see/feel a light inside of us, an aish tamid, an eternal flame, glowing.

With each breath, we notice the flame’s color, shape and texture.

Whenever we notice the attention has wandered, we gently bring ourselves back to refocusing on the aish tamid and feeling its presence. We close the sit by giving thanks and joining with the psalmist in saying:

I will walk in the Sacred Presence in the light of life.
—Psalm 56:14

Action: Share Our Gifts
On the fifth day of Chanukah, we seek ways to share our gifts and blessings with each other. We take note of what we love to do, what we do well, what comes forth from us with ease, and we honor these gifts, reminding ourselves that what comes easy to us is a blessing that is ours to share. During this day, we watch for opportunities to reach out and offer our gifts to one another. We also set an intention to receive each other’s gifts and offerings with appreciation.

Here is song—Bruce calling us all to shine.

—Rabbi Yael Levy


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